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Barb Stachow   Artist - Teacher

I started painting as a decorative artist in 1987 and was basically self taught. My husband did woodworking and cut out wood shapes for me to paint. We would sell our wares at Craft Sales and sold ever thing we could produce. We found that by 1997 the market was getting saturated and I was ready to get a full time job. My 2 children were old enough to look after themselves after school and I became an engraver for the diamond drag engraver. I branched out into the laser engraver and did alot of work on the computerize laser machine. I designed, produced, and enjoyed my job very much.

In 2003 I found I had cancer on my the tongue. After a 17.5 hour operation to remove the cancer and 36 rounds of radiation I was very depressed, with new unexplained pain in my shoulders and back (Dr.s say it's from the nature of the head and neck operation). I also lost the strength in my hands and movement became very difficult due to the removal of veins and muscles and the nature of the operation and treatments I went through. I was extremely lucky that my employer had disability insurance and I that I was accepted.  However the cancer was very much life changing and I felt I was not the same person, and I wasn't. I am more forgiving, loving, and patient now than ever before. I tend to see the "same things" that many people are to busy to see.

I attended our local cancer hospital for rehab which included their "Arts in Medicine" program. I returned to my love of art with the support of the other cancer patients and the wonderful ladies that ran the program. I began to look for a new outlet for my emotions and turned to more traditional art.

I knew I couldn't rely on books for my knowledge as I had with the Decorative art and began to search for help. I found "Traditions" paints and investigated the possibilities of learning more. These paints are the "new age" acrylics. Fully non-toxic and produced by Deco art in USA they can be manipulated to act similar to oils, acrylics, and watercolor paints through the use of mediums and techniques. I had the opportunity to try them out and was hooked.

I took lessons and worked with a wonderful teacher for approximately 80 hours of intensive training. Not including private study and extra art work I produced also. I now find that my art work is 100% better than ever before. As I showed my work to other people they began to ask if I could teach them. I decided to help several cancer patients find the joy of painting. However due to unseen circumstance my students passed away or got so sick that they could no longer paint. I still wanted to teach others so I began to look for people who may want to paint via the internet.

I became a juried member of the Edmonton Art Club in 2009 and then joined the South Western Canadian Art Society in 2011. These groups have a variety of art shows and various opportunities for gaining more knowledge to continue to improve my craft.

Teaching over the internet has been wonderful and I have helped several people learn to overcome thier fears of painting along with helping me to deal with the side effects of cancer. I have had students in USA, Canada and overseas who communicate via the internet and skype.  If you know of anyone interested in learning more about painting who lives in a situation where internet studies would be beneficial, please pass on my name and webmail address,

My name is  Barbara Stachow and my gmail address is Justgottapaint@gmail.com.

Curriculum Vitae


2004 Bob Ross Painting Instruction, 20 + hours of class room instruction, Mesa, Arizona

2006 Bob Ross Painting Instruction, 16+ hours of class room instruction, Apache Junction, Arizona

2008 Paint in Alberta Conference Learn to Draw Class, Oil painting Class, Acrylic Classes, Calgary, Alberta

2009 Priviate Painting Lessons - 80 + hours of one on one instruction from Private Instructor, Pheonix, Arizona

2010 Pencil Crayon class, 6 hours, Edmonton, Alberta

2011 - Kingslan teacher certificate awarded to teach beginner, intermediate and advance pieces

2013 - Presently still taking classes with Art Apprentice online to become certified with their lessons and peices.


Internet Instructor, Learn to create with Acrylic Paints. Beginning, intermediate and advanced level.

Local Teaching for regional Seniors home, St. Albert, Alberta


2009 to present: Juried Member of Edmonton Art Club, Edmonton, Alberta

2011 to present: Member of the South Western Canadian Art Society


2010 Alberta Forestry Art Contest

ASC Monthly Art Contests